Kent has been practicing law for over 35 years.  Kent's primary areas of practice include real estate, debtor/creditor law, business and corporate transactions, commercial litigation and tax and probate. When he initially began working with Francis Watson, his primary focus was transactional and banking law. Due to the needs of his clients and the demand in the area, he eventually broadened his practice to focus more on the areas of real estate, business, commerical and probate law.  Kent has been involved in many high profile real estate development transactions during his legal career.  Kent is known in the community as an authority in the area of real estate law, and as such, he was asked to teach real estate licensing law at the local vocational college for approximately 6 years.  

In his real estate practice, Kent assists clients through the transfer of title to property by explaining the process and the options that they have, and then guiding them through the proper steps to ensure that good title is transferred and all documents are properly and legally recorded.  In his business and corporate dealings, Kent provides clients with the tools to either plan and form or dissolve a business, and helps to prepare the proper articles, declarations, agreements and other documents as needed.  Kent has assisted clients in everything from planning and developing condominiums and townhouses to probate, and has handled cases from the local administrative level to the United States Federal District Courts.  Kent has been very dedicated to his duties as a civil servant, as is evidenced by his having served 10 years on the First District Bar Association Ethics Committe.  Kent continues to be an active participant in his community.

       A rating - Martindale-Hubbel Peer Review

       Certified Real Estate Specialist - Minnesota State Bar Association

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