You want to be sure your property title is free from problems and that any concerns with the sale or purchase of property have been recognized and addressed. We handle all aspects of real estate transactions and can provide assistance at each step of the process. We can determine whether there are potential problems with a property and advise you what should be included in a purchase agreement, what is meant by “good title,” how you can be sure that you get good title to your property, and what to expect at closing. In addition, we can advise you regarding local zoning ordinances, how and when to obtain a variance, and other questions you may have related to residential or commercial construction projects.


Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur, or starting out on your own for the first time, Speight & Lappegaard can help develop and implement the business plan that best supports your business and personal goals. In addition to general transactional work, our attorneys can also assist you with debtor/creditor issues, acquisitions by asset and stock sales, leases, corporate taxes and general contractual concerns. The attorneys at Speight & Lappegaard have extensive experience with business ranging from banks to bed-and-breakfasts.

Probate is a process for transferring title to property from someone who is deceased. The probate process generally takes a minimum of six months to complete. We can take the mystery out of probate. We’ll be with you every step of the way, filing the appropriate documents and forms with the court, transferring title, collecting and selling property, paying bills and distributing the balance of the estate. Speight & Lappegaard’s experienced and knowledgeable probate team provides support and assistance throughout what can be a stressful and difficult process.

Your goal likely is to put in place an estate plan that will ensure the greatest financial benefit to your heirs. Our attorneys can guide you through a review of your assets, retirement and insurance benefits and work with you to create the plan that best meets your personal needs. Estate planning is for everyone - not just wealthy individuals - and more often than not, requires a detailed document. Speight & Lappegaard estate planners recommend reviewing wills or estate plans every three to five years, or after any significant life event or change in circumstances.

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